29 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

The Technology

There are a lot of things to say about Technology. I am writing about Technology. Because Ido who is my teacher at the language course wanted me write it, so ı must do it! :)

Sometimes ı hate from technology as i said before at the class. Why? For example in the last year, i had to prepare some presentations for my lectures. But one of my laptops didn't work. Ok ! That was not big deal. Anyway i had netbook which was small one. But guess what happened?! The virus entered in my computer. I had no time to get repaired them, then i borrow a computer from my friend. Again guess what happened! Again virus!! I was getting crazy. The presentation had to be prepared the day after. The problem was from internet network. The Computers were taking virus from network. At that day i hated from all computers. But that was only for the day:)

All the kidding aside, of course technology is very useful for the humanity. Comminication, transportation, shopping, travelling ,...etc. We use it at all place and time.

The worst thing is about technology is that sometimes it uses us unlike we use it. We don't have to let that. What i mean? I mean that we don't have to spent time for Facebook and some plays on the computers. Furthermore we mustn't use it for the badness. If someone enter your e-mail box , would it be nice?

If we use it cleverly, we can upgrade everything which are on our life. Let me tell a remeberance about technology. I attended Erasmus exchange program. Before ı had gone to Germany, i added some guys on my facebook from the network of my uni and spoke with them about city, country, culture, ..etc and when i went there, ı had a lot of friends who were helping me. Even, one of them picked me up from airport. Namely, ı use facebook, doesn't facebook me :)

Also, ı can speak with my mom and dad everyday because of technology, i can arrive wherever ı want easily because of technology, ı can cook delicious foods because of again technology... i can count very useful thing about technology.

Even, because of technolgy we can learn about ex-friends. Who have a relationship with who? :) That was also the thing which technology provides us:D

On the other hand, sometimes technology makes me sad. ı receieved some negatives or horrible news with technology like murder, attack, aggression ..etc. I advise the film which is about technology. its name is "Vizontele" If you watch it, you will see what ı mean.

There are a lot of words about technology. But at the beginning i said i hated from it. Sometimes liking it is very impossible. Unfortunately, the countries produce very diversity bombs, guns, .etc. that is why ı doesn't like it much...

In all event, when i look negatives and positives, the pozitives are more than negatives, consequently i am glad to meet technology !

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