13 Eylül 2011 Salı

The guest from Berlin!

It is in the morning and ı am at home, listening Cem Adrian. i feel much more free because of some reason. At least ı will able to live istanbul. On Saturday my friend who is from Berlin will visit me. ı have just get message from her. she asked me if ı want something from Berlin. ı am just excited to see her. She was my guardian angel, when ı was there. One day she got up at 5.00a.m for me and came with me to foreign bureau to extend my visa. it was too cold. And she waited for me maybe for 3 hours. That was just one of them. Now ı am very pleased that she will be in istanbul in the next week.) ı hope ı can make her satisfied with being in Istanbul. ı am looking forward to her impatiently:)

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