29 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

The Technology

There are a lot of things to say about Technology. I am writing about Technology. Because Ido who is my teacher at the language course wanted me write it, so ı must do it! :)

Sometimes ı hate from technology as i said before at the class. Why? For example in the last year, i had to prepare some presentations for my lectures. But one of my laptops didn't work. Ok ! That was not big deal. Anyway i had netbook which was small one. But guess what happened?! The virus entered in my computer. I had no time to get repaired them, then i borrow a computer from my friend. Again guess what happened! Again virus!! I was getting crazy. The presentation had to be prepared the day after. The problem was from internet network. The Computers were taking virus from network. At that day i hated from all computers. But that was only for the day:)

All the kidding aside, of course technology is very useful for the humanity. Comminication, transportation, shopping, travelling ,...etc. We use it at all place and time.

The worst thing is about technology is that sometimes it uses us unlike we use it. We don't have to let that. What i mean? I mean that we don't have to spent time for Facebook and some plays on the computers. Furthermore we mustn't use it for the badness. If someone enter your e-mail box , would it be nice?

If we use it cleverly, we can upgrade everything which are on our life. Let me tell a remeberance about technology. I attended Erasmus exchange program. Before ı had gone to Germany, i added some guys on my facebook from the network of my uni and spoke with them about city, country, culture, ..etc and when i went there, ı had a lot of friends who were helping me. Even, one of them picked me up from airport. Namely, ı use facebook, doesn't facebook me :)

Also, ı can speak with my mom and dad everyday because of technology, i can arrive wherever ı want easily because of technology, ı can cook delicious foods because of again technology... i can count very useful thing about technology.

Even, because of technolgy we can learn about ex-friends. Who have a relationship with who? :) That was also the thing which technology provides us:D

On the other hand, sometimes technology makes me sad. ı receieved some negatives or horrible news with technology like murder, attack, aggression ..etc. I advise the film which is about technology. its name is "Vizontele" If you watch it, you will see what ı mean.

There are a lot of words about technology. But at the beginning i said i hated from it. Sometimes liking it is very impossible. Unfortunately, the countries produce very diversity bombs, guns, .etc. that is why ı doesn't like it much...

In all event, when i look negatives and positives, the pozitives are more than negatives, consequently i am glad to meet technology !

27 Eylül 2011 Salı

Good bye!

I don't like saying good-bye somebody who i like. Yesterday, ı was at the Atatürk airport /international departman to say good- bye her. Şule, her son and me were there.

Irına stayed at our house for 9 days. We were accustomed to her. her speaking Turkish slowly , meeting with her and came back house together after my couse exit, talking about man, her calm standing...etc.

I went to everywhere with her in Istanbul except Galata Tower. We saw some negatives and pozitives in Istanbul. For example, after we had arrived to Big Island, we found ourself in the fighting. A chair hit the leg one of us. One of us escaped to the interval street, one of us watched the events with her all calmness. Then we get on Fayton which is used to in Big Island as a transportation vehicle. We toured the Island. Then came back the house.

In another day we went to Anadolu Kavağı. It was first time for me as well. It was fantastic place to see. Sometimes Irina was bored because of we were taking photo much:) And sometimes i realized that she was bored again because of our speaking in Turkish. After realized that ı spoke in English.

At all events, the last week was very very exhausting for us. But it was possitive exhausting i think though sometimes we couldn't feel our feet:)

I am very glad to meet you irina. You were in Istanbul, that means our relationship flood from Berlin.

But ı have to say something. if only ı didn't make up, when we went to airport. Because after saying good-bye,my face was horrible:) But never mind, as you know the make-up is not big deal for me;)

we are looking forward your next trip to Turkey:) Also in the short time ı want to fly to Berlin ...

Pc: We love you and will miss you !

26 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi


Now, it is 04:00 o'clock. i waked up from my dream. it was really strange. I was speaking in English and talking about the death of my uncle(brother of my mom) with my aunt. But in reallity he is not died. Even, ı remember what i said in English "Yeah maybe he wasnt good son of his parents,also he damaged his close relativies much. Anyway the death of him makes me thinkful and depressed."i said many sentence in English .But the strange was that i dont meet my uncle. We dont like each other. But in my dream ı was very sad because of his death. i waked up and now ı am writing here. My feelings are strong. Sometimes i am very afraid from feeling emotion and anticipating somethings. One of the that's why ı believe in God. Now i wanna speak with my mom and dad. I would like to call them. Also i can do this, luckily.But not in this time.I love them,though we have some problems sometimes. I am very thankful to God because of i can hear the voice of my family whenever i want. Now ı would like to be a little daughter of them and after waking up of my dream ,ı would like to go their bedroom and sleep with them.
In the morning the first thing i will call them and hear their voice. and also of course asking about my uncle:) I hope everything gonna be all rigth.. Now ı go to bed again and hope to sleep easily:)

22 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Hearing Istanbul!

in her country, after working half a year, you can have a holiday. She chose Turkey for her holiday and visited me. i had a opportunity to smell istanbul with her. Drinking tea and walking at Moda coast, shopping in Kadıköy, going to sultanahmet,to kapalı çarşı,to taksim to beşiktaş to ortaköy to eyüp to minyatürk to pierre lotti hill. Visiting all of that place in 4 days was impossible for me. But with her it was absolutely nice. Sometimes, ı felt myself like a tourist. Because of her, everybody( salesman, mareketman.. etc.) was speaking with me in English and ı pretended like a toursit. Some beggar came to us and wanted something like money, and ı pretenden like ı couldnt understand him/ her. But one of them who is child, wanted me to buy Börek (it is traditional Türkish food) and i couldnt stand him, buid börek for him. it is the thing she doesnt like it that salesmen disturb the tourist with calling them.

While we were touring in istanbul, also we were speaking about the gaps between Turkey and other country as well. When we were on the Istiklal street, the collage girls were walking in front of us. Their skirts were really really short for a higschool student. Normally, it doesnt catch my attention, but she said how they were short and if she were boy who was in puberty age, that cathed his attention. She was right but i was astonished about her comment about this topic. She is from Europan and thinks like that. But if somebody who is from Turkey said that like this, he would be conservative. That was really really sociological issue. Unfortunately,some of us cant differentiate modernity and exhibitionizm.

Even though traffic, crowded etc.. i understood that one more time again. İstanbul is great. maybe it is hard to live but if you love to manage hard, istanbul is great to live as well. You are wellcome Irina!

Tomorrow, we are going to Big islands and adventure will go on until Tuesday. But today,it is the rest time for me :) i wanted to stay at home and did my stuff ....

16 Eylül 2011 Cuma

Terrible Transportation!

it was awesome! Indeed awesome! This situation can be only in Turkey, i think. since 5 days, i have gone to the course. The course finished at 19.00. After i had gone out from course, in 20 minutes later i arrived Avcılar, but after Avcılar the catastrophe was starting. i waited 50 minutes for bus. Yeah it was there, at least!but, it was full. i gave up to get on and waited for the second one. Meanwhile i was getting angry. when i was got on bus, the driver said the people that they neednt have paniced, anyway the second bus would came there. i said loudly:"It is never like that, i am waiting for 50 minutes. For 5 days my psychology have got out of order.!" My voice was weepy, but haven't cried at that time. A few passanger were agree with me. The passanger said to driver not to take any passenger after all. He agreed, but at bus station, when he saw the passanger who wanna got on bus, he attempted to take them to bus. After the other passanger got on bus, ı felt a big weight on me. That was the last point for me.Anyway, my balance was lost. ı started to cry and said:" it is enough. What do you suppose about us? Do you think if we are human or something else!, ı cant breath! it is enough!!" Then he apologized to me for taking the more people, but ı was trembling still. After a while at the back of bus the people had argue with eachother. One of passanger who is a doctor said: "Everyday, the people who had accident come to me and the people who stand in the bus are always died.Why dont you increase number of busses ?" Yeah the doctor gave me good moral. At that time ı cried more. i was all nerves.Maybe that was nervous attack. Somebody got me to sit and rubbed my hands with cologne.

Hopefully at that night i could arrive at home. Henceforth, ı will be taken with car from Avcılar. That night was awesome. Maybe, everybody mustn't collapse to İstanbul. i dont know, maybe me too...

15 Eylül 2011 Perşembe


Kadıköy! You were my home. You remind me of my last 4 years of my studentship.
I like you, because you are warm like home. You have Moda coast, which ı am dyign for it.

it has been a long time since i last visited you. Walking on the streets, shopping, drinking coffe or going to Akmar passage... Maybe after many years, when ı look back, i will be saying that they were nice days of me.

By the way, ı left my job. it was not for me. it killed my social life. it is like a commercial enterprice more than a school. Now i feel free, ı can do whatever ı want.

ı wanna share something with you. When ı say to somebody ı am a maths teacher, nobody believes me. Why? ı dont know. For example, while ı was shopping, the salesman asked me if ı was student and ı said that ı had been student. He didn't belived me. That was not the first time. From so many people ı heard that. Actually sometime it can be funny:)

Now ı am turning back to studying English .. see u later!

13 Eylül 2011 Salı

The guest from Berlin!

It is in the morning and ı am at home, listening Cem Adrian. i feel much more free because of some reason. At least ı will able to live istanbul. On Saturday my friend who is from Berlin will visit me. ı have just get message from her. she asked me if ı want something from Berlin. ı am just excited to see her. She was my guardian angel, when ı was there. One day she got up at 5.00a.m for me and came with me to foreign bureau to extend my visa. it was too cold. And she waited for me maybe for 3 hours. That was just one of them. Now ı am very pleased that she will be in istanbul in the next week.) ı hope ı can make her satisfied with being in Istanbul. ı am looking forward to her impatiently:)

11 Eylül 2011 Pazar

The meeting of Parents !

Today we had parents meeting at school where ı work as a mathematic teacher. Until meeting ı hadnt thought about the meeting. After the speech of our manager, we introduced ourselves. While ı was speaking, ı was so excited. After my speech, ı was astonished about my anxiety. Normally, speaking in front of the people doesnt make me excited, but this time was different. Everybody was looking at me as if ı would say something so important. they were looking at me with appreciation.

After meeting, some parents came to me and asked about their children. I replied their questions and explained how they should treat their children. At that time ı felt like a teacher. i realized that ı was very pleased with being a teacher. Being a teacher is not just graduating from Uni. or having high degree from universty doesnt mean you are a good teacher. Every teacher must learn how to treat teenager. Sometimes i feel like mother for my student.(In reallty ı feel like a child :P )) I really love all of my students.

ı wanna get master's degree on Education. Especially over math education. ı would like to research if every child can understand maths. Or what to make at the beginning for Match Education.
Unfortunately there are a lot of cracks in our education system. Recently, ı have read an article about the education system of Singapore. The point which Turkey is supposed to be is there.

9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

The days!

today ı wanted to write about my days of this week. ı have worked part-time as a maths teacher at private school since last monday. At the first day i couldnt feel like that belonging there. But a while time later, after teaching students and joking with them, feeling that they liked me , ı felt better. More and more ı feel like a teacher. The most beatiful thing is spending time with my students. Otherwise ı cant stand many stuff of my work, like calling the parents of students and convince them to attend our school:P it doesnt bother me. ı do it just for my work. ı am only the teacher not marketman:P

But ı dont think to continue working there, because it takes much of my time, so ı cannot take care of myself, can not live İstanbul and it is not already my dream job.

ı am writing in English, cos ı have attended Toefl course. ı have to pass Toefl to get master's degree. Because master's degree is a step for me to stay in Istanbul.

Sometimes the life makes me sad but usually it makes me smile. Seeing the thin lines is very important. One of them is communication with people. I realized that again one more time today. Today while i was going to work, an old woman with her grand daughter got on elevator. Then i said "Hi, good morning". At first, she was astonished but then she replied me:)

After a few minutes later she said to her grand daugter " Look! there is still people who saying eachother "Hi". Then turned to me and continued her speech "Dont lose this charecteristic! be always like that" ı smiled and felt happy.

ı think that it is kind of sociological situation. The age has changed, depend on this change, everthing has changed. Sometimes ı ask myself whether we are human or somethingelse. Because sometimes for a something which is so unimportant, the people can hurt each other
People don't look eachpther's eyes while speaking. Even, we cant love bravely. Because we think,as if people would hurt us when let them come into our heart.

4 Eylül 2011 Pazar

Bu sefer ki...

Vardır ya sahneler dizilerden, filmlerden…
Küçük bir kız iken sonunu merakla beklerdim..
Esas kız üniversiteyi bitirir. Bir zamanlar yuvadan uçan yavru kuşun tekrar yuvaya dönmesi beklenirken o özgürlüğün savaşını vermeye adamıştır kendini. Halbuki ailesi ister ki dönsündü evine, hem çok da iyi kısmetler beklerdi , sürekli soran olurdu kızı.
Aile asi ilan eder kızı sonunda.. Onlara göre kız asidir, saygısızdır.

Hiç bir İstanbul’a dönüş bu kadar zor olmamıştı. Kalanların gidenin yüzüne bakmadığı bir veda. Ne kadar inanmasa da insan düşünüyor, acaba beni sevmiyorlar mı diye. Oysa bu hayat benimdi artık. Taşları istediğim gibi dizmeye hakkım vardı.
Bu sefer ki ayrılmak, karşına almaktı bazı şeyleri…
Bu sefer ki ayrılmak;
Söylenecek çok sözün olması ama susmasıydı kızın…