15 Eylül 2011 Perşembe


Kadıköy! You were my home. You remind me of my last 4 years of my studentship.
I like you, because you are warm like home. You have Moda coast, which ı am dyign for it.

it has been a long time since i last visited you. Walking on the streets, shopping, drinking coffe or going to Akmar passage... Maybe after many years, when ı look back, i will be saying that they were nice days of me.

By the way, ı left my job. it was not for me. it killed my social life. it is like a commercial enterprice more than a school. Now i feel free, ı can do whatever ı want.

ı wanna share something with you. When ı say to somebody ı am a maths teacher, nobody believes me. Why? ı dont know. For example, while ı was shopping, the salesman asked me if ı was student and ı said that ı had been student. He didn't belived me. That was not the first time. From so many people ı heard that. Actually sometime it can be funny:)

Now ı am turning back to studying English .. see u later!

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