24 Haziran 2011 Cuma

Dear Blog,

ı couldnt interest with you in nowadays. So sorry because of this station. But ı am so busy and dont interest with anything. i have lost my balance. My life have changed totally. For example, unfortunetly ı am not student. it sounds so strange. What means it? ı dont know. ı know just that dont wanna to stop. ı am fearing to have monoton life.

The most interesting thing is that. i am studying so much to get this life. ı am studying so much to get job which monoton is. i feel like a dog which try to catch fast car. and ı dont know what i will do, if ı catch the car. w

What depends on the Life? What is the meaning of the Life? what makes me happy? Success, beauty, healty, money, or love.

Last 4 years of my Life have changed me exactly. ı can see that easly. For example ı dont wait something from anybody. who care with this ? ! :) My expections from the people have been smaller as before. in this way, ı dont always worry about something. less anything make me sad as before.

as before.. as before.. ı am crying less, waitng less, talking less..

more stronger as before...