27 Eylül 2011 Salı

Good bye!

I don't like saying good-bye somebody who i like. Yesterday, ı was at the Atatürk airport /international departman to say good- bye her. Şule, her son and me were there.

Irına stayed at our house for 9 days. We were accustomed to her. her speaking Turkish slowly , meeting with her and came back house together after my couse exit, talking about man, her calm standing...etc.

I went to everywhere with her in Istanbul except Galata Tower. We saw some negatives and pozitives in Istanbul. For example, after we had arrived to Big Island, we found ourself in the fighting. A chair hit the leg one of us. One of us escaped to the interval street, one of us watched the events with her all calmness. Then we get on Fayton which is used to in Big Island as a transportation vehicle. We toured the Island. Then came back the house.

In another day we went to Anadolu Kavağı. It was first time for me as well. It was fantastic place to see. Sometimes Irina was bored because of we were taking photo much:) And sometimes i realized that she was bored again because of our speaking in Turkish. After realized that ı spoke in English.

At all events, the last week was very very exhausting for us. But it was possitive exhausting i think though sometimes we couldn't feel our feet:)

I am very glad to meet you irina. You were in Istanbul, that means our relationship flood from Berlin.

But ı have to say something. if only ı didn't make up, when we went to airport. Because after saying good-bye,my face was horrible:) But never mind, as you know the make-up is not big deal for me;)

we are looking forward your next trip to Turkey:) Also in the short time ı want to fly to Berlin ...

Pc: We love you and will miss you !

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