26 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi


Now, it is 04:00 o'clock. i waked up from my dream. it was really strange. I was speaking in English and talking about the death of my uncle(brother of my mom) with my aunt. But in reallity he is not died. Even, ı remember what i said in English "Yeah maybe he wasnt good son of his parents,also he damaged his close relativies much. Anyway the death of him makes me thinkful and depressed."i said many sentence in English .But the strange was that i dont meet my uncle. We dont like each other. But in my dream ı was very sad because of his death. i waked up and now ı am writing here. My feelings are strong. Sometimes i am very afraid from feeling emotion and anticipating somethings. One of the that's why ı believe in God. Now i wanna speak with my mom and dad. I would like to call them. Also i can do this, luckily.But not in this time.I love them,though we have some problems sometimes. I am very thankful to God because of i can hear the voice of my family whenever i want. Now ı would like to be a little daughter of them and after waking up of my dream ,ı would like to go their bedroom and sleep with them.
In the morning the first thing i will call them and hear their voice. and also of course asking about my uncle:) I hope everything gonna be all rigth.. Now ı go to bed again and hope to sleep easily:)

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