9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

The days!

today ı wanted to write about my days of this week. ı have worked part-time as a maths teacher at private school since last monday. At the first day i couldnt feel like that belonging there. But a while time later, after teaching students and joking with them, feeling that they liked me , ı felt better. More and more ı feel like a teacher. The most beatiful thing is spending time with my students. Otherwise ı cant stand many stuff of my work, like calling the parents of students and convince them to attend our school:P it doesnt bother me. ı do it just for my work. ı am only the teacher not marketman:P

But ı dont think to continue working there, because it takes much of my time, so ı cannot take care of myself, can not live İstanbul and it is not already my dream job.

ı am writing in English, cos ı have attended Toefl course. ı have to pass Toefl to get master's degree. Because master's degree is a step for me to stay in Istanbul.

Sometimes the life makes me sad but usually it makes me smile. Seeing the thin lines is very important. One of them is communication with people. I realized that again one more time today. Today while i was going to work, an old woman with her grand daughter got on elevator. Then i said "Hi, good morning". At first, she was astonished but then she replied me:)

After a few minutes later she said to her grand daugter " Look! there is still people who saying eachother "Hi". Then turned to me and continued her speech "Dont lose this charecteristic! be always like that" ı smiled and felt happy.

ı think that it is kind of sociological situation. The age has changed, depend on this change, everthing has changed. Sometimes ı ask myself whether we are human or somethingelse. Because sometimes for a something which is so unimportant, the people can hurt each other
People don't look eachpther's eyes while speaking. Even, we cant love bravely. Because we think,as if people would hurt us when let them come into our heart.

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