22 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Hearing Istanbul!

in her country, after working half a year, you can have a holiday. She chose Turkey for her holiday and visited me. i had a opportunity to smell istanbul with her. Drinking tea and walking at Moda coast, shopping in Kadıköy, going to sultanahmet,to kapalı çarşı,to taksim to beşiktaş to ortaköy to eyüp to minyatürk to pierre lotti hill. Visiting all of that place in 4 days was impossible for me. But with her it was absolutely nice. Sometimes, ı felt myself like a tourist. Because of her, everybody( salesman, mareketman.. etc.) was speaking with me in English and ı pretended like a toursit. Some beggar came to us and wanted something like money, and ı pretenden like ı couldnt understand him/ her. But one of them who is child, wanted me to buy Börek (it is traditional Türkish food) and i couldnt stand him, buid börek for him. it is the thing she doesnt like it that salesmen disturb the tourist with calling them.

While we were touring in istanbul, also we were speaking about the gaps between Turkey and other country as well. When we were on the Istiklal street, the collage girls were walking in front of us. Their skirts were really really short for a higschool student. Normally, it doesnt catch my attention, but she said how they were short and if she were boy who was in puberty age, that cathed his attention. She was right but i was astonished about her comment about this topic. She is from Europan and thinks like that. But if somebody who is from Turkey said that like this, he would be conservative. That was really really sociological issue. Unfortunately,some of us cant differentiate modernity and exhibitionizm.

Even though traffic, crowded etc.. i understood that one more time again. İstanbul is great. maybe it is hard to live but if you love to manage hard, istanbul is great to live as well. You are wellcome Irina!

Tomorrow, we are going to Big islands and adventure will go on until Tuesday. But today,it is the rest time for me :) i wanted to stay at home and did my stuff ....

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