11 Eylül 2011 Pazar

The meeting of Parents !

Today we had parents meeting at school where ı work as a mathematic teacher. Until meeting ı hadnt thought about the meeting. After the speech of our manager, we introduced ourselves. While ı was speaking, ı was so excited. After my speech, ı was astonished about my anxiety. Normally, speaking in front of the people doesnt make me excited, but this time was different. Everybody was looking at me as if ı would say something so important. they were looking at me with appreciation.

After meeting, some parents came to me and asked about their children. I replied their questions and explained how they should treat their children. At that time ı felt like a teacher. i realized that ı was very pleased with being a teacher. Being a teacher is not just graduating from Uni. or having high degree from universty doesnt mean you are a good teacher. Every teacher must learn how to treat teenager. Sometimes i feel like mother for my student.(In reallty ı feel like a child :P )) I really love all of my students.

ı wanna get master's degree on Education. Especially over math education. ı would like to research if every child can understand maths. Or what to make at the beginning for Match Education.
Unfortunately there are a lot of cracks in our education system. Recently, ı have read an article about the education system of Singapore. The point which Turkey is supposed to be is there.

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