17 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba


Today ı spent a lot of my time at facebook. I realized that my all Europeans friens had changed their profil picture to animation picture. But why? ı couldnt understand what the reason was?

ı asked that with my personal message. Next ı learned that this week it was a kind of facebook activity. Everybody muss to put the picture of their favourite cartoon. It sounds like funny.:)

My favourite Cartoon is SMURFES!! They were my love , when ı was child. :)

Even ı have an adventure about Smurfes.

When ı was child, my dad took us to picnic to the forest. And always the Word made me curious :)
" if you are good child , you can hear the Smurfes. Even maybe you can see them !!'

ahaha :))
For a while ı was ok. ı had done allthings which my mum said. ı had any argue with my brother. ı had read book more than before.. ı was absolutely good girl :))

The day that my dad had took us to picnic again. While my family were amusing , ı dissappeared. ı was searching for smurfes:)) ı have a deep belief that ı could do it.
But of Course ı couldnt it :(

A few years later ı realized that Gargamel was a big lier :)))

Whenever ı remember it, ı smile :))

Maybe it is stupidly for someone. But for me it is absolutely funny :))

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