18 Kasım 2010 Perşembe

meeting with friends

ı didnt know that today ı would go to Düziçi. ı had no plan for the day. After breakfast ı drank a cup of Turkish coffee. The sound comes from my heart said that call Dilek. She is my friend from highschooll..And i did it..

ı have learned my other friends from highschooll would go to the her home. ı was confused. Because in last evening ı talked on the phone with one of them. And he didnt say anything about this meeting !! ı dont know why? but ı am sure that he has a good reason. But Dilek invited me too. Actually, ı didnt wanna go. But if ı didnt go, it would be reaction to Tertip. ok ı was a little bit sad for this. But it was not big deal for me. it is so normally. Maybe he wanted to be only with his generation. ı am 2 or 3 years younger..

ı had get ready quickly. And After one year again ı was at the road of Düziçi. The road takes 25 minutes.

After ı had arrived home, the others came. ı had made suprise to Tertip. i said something to Tertip. ok you didnt want to see me. But ı came here. ı dont care. ı dont recognize you . Of course all of my words was joke :) but yeah there is a realty in every joke ;))

But there is a big realty too.. In all events ı love them... we had a great time together. ı feel lucky. Because ı have good friendships altough my Tertip doesnt wanna see me :P :)

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