21 Kasım 2010 Pazar

Just 9 Days!

They are the last dates of November. After November ı have different plans about my Life. Until now ı didnt study for my Exam which Kpss is. Kpss is very important exam in Turkey for the stundents who graduated from University. İf you wanna have civil servent, you have to win this exam. Unfortunately in Turkey the best is having civil servent. There is always risk in Privat sector. I wanna have civil servent in İstanbul and its environs like İzmit, Bursa, Sakarya,Tekirdağ...

Everybody studied hard until now but ı didnt. ı had problems with me :) Also ı wasnt in Turkey in Summer.

İt is November now. And the last days of November.. November! sweet November.. ı have just 9 days. if ı have any action up to last of November, ı will give up! from What? Dont ask ! You understood!!

i dont wait anymore.. ı know that there is somebody who searching for me. But now ı have to deal with my life..

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