18 Mart 2011 Cuma

I feel so happy. Cause a few of my Erasmus Friends wanna come to İstanbul in this summer and wanna see me. It is so strange. What depend on life? ı was one year ago in another country with another friends.. ı felt another, couldnt explain that but exactly another atmospher. When ı see back, a thing on my broat gulp... Everything is back. The life is really strange. Now ı have too many contact with my friends.

Today Luca had written to me on fb. He said that my smile, my sound and my commucination with the people ( my english was so poor) are on his mind. That makes me happy. The person who is from another far country miss you. That is so nice! ıcouldnt forget that. One day Luca said that he is 52 and a big star in Italy. He said:"I am so Perfect.. my body, my skin, my perfect face, So ı seems like 23." He made everybody serios. But at that time the boy who is from Brazilin had asked his date of Birth. Of course he couldnt replay immediately. :D:D Oh luca i miss u so much . Maybe you are not an Artist or star! But you are really number one and have a big pozitive energy! :)

Yeah Sure we had an excellent times together. even if my English was poor ;) , we had spoke about too many thema. ( magazine, religion, bureaucracy, beauty, education ..etc)

ı miss , ı miss, ... ı realized that ı miss always yesterday. Love Life, Life people...

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